August 23-27 2021

Car Wash

  • Thank you to the students & parents who worked, played instruments, drove through, sold tickets and supported the band. It was a fun day and we made some good money!
  • Materials: If you have hoses, coolers or other items still in the band room, please come pick them up ASAP.
  • Extra special thank-you to Maureen & James Liljegren for their efforts in organizing and running the event!
  • Pictures: if you have pictures of the event you’d like to share, please contact for information on how to get those uploaded.

Band Senior Pictures

Please check the Band App — I posted a poll for four possible reschedule dates this coming week.

Lancer Day Is Coming!

Friday, September 3rd (Marching Band). Lancer Day Parade & first home football game. Volunteers needed! Sign-up Genius will be sent out this week.

Marching Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – 7am: visual warmup, pregame music/drill, Tontos sets 10-14 review
  • Tuesday – 7:00am-7:30am winds inside, percussion outside. Pregame & pep band music
  • Wednesday – 7am: visuals & music, add sets 15-19, run/clean 1st mvmt, pregame
  • Thursday – 6pm-8pm, SME Football Field w/ Lancer Dancers – run/clean 1st mvmt, 20-22 if time
  • Friday – 7am: music warmup- Tontos & Late Evening, review 1st movement & begin 2nd

Cadet Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – Fundamentals, school songs
  • Tuesday – Sectionals, concert band music
  • Thursday – Pep Band overview, small ensembles

Music Theory/IB Music Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – continue fundamentals. Key signatures & circle of 5ths
  • Wednesday – Review KS, Co5, chromatic & major/minor scales. IB: Music Guide
  • Friday – Ear training on previous fundamentals. Music History – middle ages

Jazz Band – Blue Knights (6th Hour)

  • Monday – KMEA honor jazz audition materials, review new music from last week
  • Tuesday – bebop scales/arpeggios, KMEA, listening activity, review On Green Dolphin St, Hurricane Season, Blue Serenade, Nardis
  • Thursday – Review above, Easy to Love

Jazz Band – Blue Notes (7th Hour)

  • Monday – Bebop scales/arpeggios, Besame Mucho, Blues in Hoss’ Flat, All of Me
  • Wednesday – Listening activity & “Jazz Commandments”, review charts above
  • Friday – Review above charts, SR new music