Band Fees

Our annual band fees are crucial to the operation of the SME band program, as district/building funds only cover the most basic expenses. Some of the expenses the band fees cover this year include:

  • Clinicians
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Sheet Music, Instrument Purchases & Repairs
  • Senior Recognition & Scholarships
  • T-shirts, Jackets, and PPE for students

In many ways, the financial support the band program will need this year is far less than in years past with limited events, transportation, food, and marching show costs. That said, we are also extremely limited with regard to fundraising – likely no car wash, no mattress sale, no raffles at games, limited concessions, etc. With dwindling fundraising opportunities, we are more reliant than ever on student dues.

The standard band fees are between $100 – $275 depending on the level of student participation, as below:

SME Band Fee Chart

Participation LevelDescriptionFee
General Band FeesMarching Band + Spring Ensemble$ 200
Partial Band FeesCadet Band + Spring Ensemble OR 1 Ensemble only$ 100
Percussion FeesAny Percussion Student (these are in addition to general or partial band fees)$ 75

We are mindful that this year, in particular, fee payment may be difficult for some families. We are hopeful that as a community, we will Come Together on this front for the benefit of all the students, regardless of each family’s ability to pay.

Band fee payment can be made in several ways:

  1. By PayPal (see below)
  2. By sending a check made payable to SME Band Boosters to
    SME Band Boosters
    7500 Mission Road
    Prairie Village, KS 66208
  3. By check or cash in person at band activities

Please contact the band boosters or band director with any questions about band fees, payment arrangements, or general band fee related questions at ​

Band Boosters Contacts:

  • President: ​Rachel Gast
  • Vice President:​ Amanda Hassett
  • Treasurer:​ Kat Norris
  • Secretary:​ Chris Clevenger

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