August 30-September 3

Lancer Day is Friday!

Parent volunteers needed for the parade and game – please review our volunteer needs and sign up here

Lancer Day Parade & Football Game Itineraries

Elementary Instrument Fair Monday & Tuesday, 4-8pm @ SME

  • Upperclassmen & student helpers – please arrive at 3:45pm
  • We could still use student/parent helpers at the check-in desk and general support. Please contact us if you are interested in helping, even if it’s for a portion of the evening!

Marching Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – 7am: Parade block, parade music, Memorization Test #1 – Tontos, Late in the Evening, polish 1st movement, run pregame
  • Tuesday – 7:00am-7:30am — pregame and parade music
  • Wednesday – 7am: 1st movement cleaning, add sets in 2nd movment, pregame
  • Thursday – 6pm-8pm, SME Football Field w/ Lancer Dancers – Polish first movement, pregame, Lancer Day overview
  • Friday – 7am: meet in band room, warm up, march hallways! 8am- quick warmup, run 1st movement, polish

Cadet Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – Assignment prep & concert pieces
  • Tuesday – sectionals, small ensembles
  • Thursday – Private lessons & practice time

Music Theory/IB Music Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – Reveiw KS/Co5s, Generic & chromatic intervals, major/minor scales
  • Wednesday – Continue major/minor scales, add triads
  • Friday – Ear training on previous fundamentals. Music History exploration

Jazz Band – Blue Knights (6th Hour)

  • Monday – review concert music & listening activity
  • Tuesday – bebop scales/arpeggios, KMEA auditions, concert lit
  • Thursday – bebop scales/arpeggios – permutations, concert lit

Jazz Band – Blue Notes (7th Hour)

  • Monday – Jazz Commandments – swing style & articulations. SR new music
  • Wednesday – review jazz commandments, blues improvising work
  • Friday – review new music, practice time on own