October 25-30 2021

Jazz Combo @ Overland Park Mayor’s Reception Monday, 10/25

  • Select members from Blue Knights ensemble
  • Overland Park Convention Center: 6000 College Boulevard
  • Dress: business casual or concert black
  • Call time: 4:45pm

Marching Band: Fundraising U Kickoff Fundraiser Event

  • Please see the informational flyer and “Call 30” sheet that was handed out to students last week. In short, we are asking students to gather 30 names and numbers of likely donors. Likely donors include grandparents, aunts/uncles, church members, former band parents, parents’ co-workers, and more. We are sending this information out ahead of time for parents to screen and assist students finding donors to text/call.
  • On Thursday, 10/28 at 3pm, all marching band students will meet in the SME Cafeteria and begin contacting the people on their call sheet. Students will be divided into teams and we will track donations pledged in real-time. Every time we hit a milestone, the team with the highest progress will earn CASH prizes. 
  • We are aiming for each student to raise $500 in pledges. This money will go towards marching band equipment, props, show design, senior gifts, and possibly a donation toward the London trip. This event has earned similar sized bands over $20,000. I expect to do the same! 
  • Since we have rehearsal at 5:30pm, we will be feeding the kids (most likely Pizza)

Marching Band Evening Rehearsal Thursday, 10/28, 5:30-7:30

This will be our final evening rehearsal of the year! Students will already be on campus for our fundraiser (see above). Dinner provided between fundraiser and rehearsal.

Kansas Bandmasters Association (KBA) Marching Championships Saturday, 10/30

Our final marching band event of the year! Please see below:

2022-2023 – SME Band Trip to London, UK

Fall Symphonic & Concert Band Auditions

  • For all students participating in a spring concert ensemble — final placement audition preparations
  • Materials have been handed out/posted in band room
  • Auditions will be held November 16-18 2021

Senior Photos

All senior photos are now available for download. Access here: https://www.bclose.photography/p830285630

Have photos or videos of the band?

Upload them to our google photo album!


Pay your band fees or donate to the band through the handy cash-transfer app. @smebandboosters


If you know that you/your student will be absent for an extracurricular rehearsal or performance, please fill out the absence form here. Please note that this does not automatically ‘excuse’ the student from the event – please contact us directly if it is significant conflict (FB game, concert, festival, etc)

Marching Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday, 7am: zero hour on-field, 7-period day
  • Tuesday, 7am: Zero hour inside: music & visuals
  • Wednesday, 7am: Full rehearsal
  • Thursday: 3pm – fundraiser, 5:30pm – rehearsal
  • Friday: 7am: full rehearsal

Cadet Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday: Finish Individual Lessons
  • Tuesday: Ensemble rehearsal
  • Thursday: Scale Quiz, Rehearsal, concert band audition practice

Music Theory/IB Music Week-At-A-Glance

  • IB Music Curriculum refresh and new activities – Areas of Inquiry, Exploration

Jazz Band – Blue Knights (6th Hour)

  • Tuesday: Nikki, SR holiday music (Chili Pepper Christmas!)
  • Thursday: Holiday music & Baker Jazz Fest prep

Jazz Band – Blue Notes (7th Hour)

  • Tuesday: SR new music, Baker Jazz Fest Prep
  • Thursday: Same as Tuesday