September 20-24 2021


If you know that you/your student will be absent for an extracurricular rehearsal or performance, please fill out the absence form here. Please note that this does not automatically ‘excuse’ the student from the event – please contact us directly if it is significant conflict (FB game, concert, festival, etc)

Band Booster Meeting Tuesday 6/21, 6:30pm

Join us to discuss all things related to the band boosters — Special presentation by Fundraising U, info about our new trailer (!), and more. SME Band Room

Marching Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – 7am: Review MVT3 opening sets – bring Estancia (enter counts in music if you have not already)
  • Tuesday – 7:00am-7:30am — Estancia sectionals
  • Wednesday – 7am: Add 37-40, string 31-40, clean 1 & 2
  • Thursday – 6pm-8pm: Run & Clean all movements with Lancer Dancers
  • Friday – Review all, add visuals & clean movements

Cadet Band Week-At-A-Glance

Music Theory/IB Music Week-At-A-Glance

  • Monday – Review Key Signatures & Scales
  • Wednesday – Triads & inversions, intro to 7th chords
  • Friday – Review Triads & 7th chords

Jazz Band – Blue Knights (6th Hour)

  • Tuesday – Blue Bossa scales/chords KMEA auditions, concert lit
  • Thursday – bebop scales/arpeggios – permutations, concert lit

Jazz Band – Blue Notes (7th Hour)

  • Monday – review jazz commandments, major scales, concert prep
  • Wednesday – major scales, concert prep