SME Band Camp Update

Good morning all, 

I have a little bit of an update and some clarification on our summer band activities: 

  1. As you know, last week the Governor issued an executive order to delay the start of the school year until after Labor Day. 
  2. This week the state Board of Education and SMSD Board of Education will meet and decide to uphold or reverse the executive order, and SMSD will announce its plans for the school year.
  3. The SMSD activities and fine arts coordinators made the decision that any camps starting Monday (inside weights, leadership & percussion camps) should be suspended until a plan from the district is announced.
    1. The district athletic administrators decided that outdoor conditioning already in progress can continue, but may be suspended as a result of this week’s decisions. We felt it would be better to wait for more clarification, rather than start our camp and have to suspend it after a day or two.
  4. Should the executive order be upheld, we will likely push our camps to the end of August
  5. Should the executive order be reversed, we may be able to resume our camps as soon as 7/27. We feel like we have safe plan in place for resumption of limited, yet beneficial band activities.

I will send out an update as soon as the decision in made. Hang in there! 


Mr. Toepfer