Update from the Band Boosters!

As we begin the winter thaw and head into spring, we are excited and thankful for a few things – most immediately the return of Symphonic concerts and Jazz Night.

We’re also excited because Mr. Toepfer and Ms. Babcock have big plans and high hopes for an exciting and fun-filled next year. Marching season, pep band, concerts, and competitions will all hopefully come to fruition. With this return, the Boosters financial and volunteer support will be dialed back up as well. I can’t wait to see the students take the field in their uniforms, play at various games, compete in large and small ensembles and, most of all, be together again. 

With that, we have begun planning for the Boosters leadership positions for next year. It is difficult to illustrate how vital the Band Boosters are to the program, but the following is a brief list of the support the Boosters provide in a typical year:

  • Executive leadership for the Band Booster organization
  • Volunteer coordination (concessions, festival chaperones, event coordinators, etc.)
  • Equipment & Music purchases
  • Marching season support (food, festival fees, transportation, music/choreography, props, etc.)
  • Clinician support

The list could go on and on, but the Boosters involvement and impact really starts with leadership and organization. I’m writing today to ask for parents to join the leadership team. There are positions for all abilities and interests. With many seniors graduating and their parents retiring from Booster positions as well, we are especially in need of the following roles for next school year:

  • Secretary (responsible for attending and keeping meeting minutes)
  • Assistant Treasurer (2 year commitment with second year as Treasurer)
  • Technology and Communication Chair (Website upkeep and enhancements, electronic pay maintenance, etc.)
  • Food & Beverage Chair (Marching season primarily, 4-5 event dates)
  • Fundraising Chair (just what it sounds like – bring your ideas and passion for organization!)
  • Corporate Fundraising Chair (corporate donation outreach)
  • Transportation Chair (Marching season primarily, truck rental and driving equipment to various events, can be a shared post)
  • Concessions Chair (at SME, coordinating concession stand, inventory, and finances; student volunteers provided)
  • Senior Recognition Chair (throughout the year, coordination of senior events, photos, banners, gifts, etc.)
  • Merchandise, Trophy & T-Shirts Chair
  • Uniform Chair (primarily through marching season, uniform fittings, checkout, dry cleaning coordination)

In addition, there are a variety of single day events such as Jazz Night, Car Wash, or the end of year Band Banquet which need a champion.

When my daughter was a freshman, I stumbled into the Food and Beverage chair position. The boosters funded the costs, and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the students and parents and to see my child “in the wild.” It also satisfied my urges to feed lots of kids and flex my Costco membership.

After this year, we are excited to get back to a full band experience for our kids. However, we simply can’t do it without parent leadership and involvement. Please help us make next year a fantastic and memorable one for the band students.

If you are interested in volunteering for a position or if you simply have questions, please call or email me any time to discuss involvement opportunities for next year. I can  be reached at regast@hotmail.com; smebandboosters@gmail.com or (913) 271-3184.

Thanks very much – go Lancers!

Rachel Gast

Boosters President