Week At A Glance: 12-13 thru 12-18


Students are expected to participate with video ON during class. Thank you to those students and leaders who are participating. It’s much more beneficial when you can see your bandmates!

Thanks to all those who have paid dues. We received many payments via PayPal and by check over the last month. Your support is very much appreciated! Dues may be paid at any time – details regarding dues can be found here: https://www.smelancerbands.com/band-fees/ 

Update on Band Merchandise — we are expecting it any day and will get the word out immediately when it arrives. Thanks for your patience!

In-Person Rehearsals This Week:
All rehearsals are voluntary and will follow strict COVID-19 mitigation protocols. Students must fill out the check-in form each day

  • Monday, 12/14, 3-5pm: Jazz combo rehearsal & ‘open jam’ 3-5pm.
  • Tuesday, 12/15, 3-5pm: RSVP sectionals and practice – Sign up here
  • Wednesday, 12/16, 3-4pm: Cadet Band Brass Recording
  • Thursday, 12/17, 3-4pm: Cadet Band Woodwind Recording
  • Thursday, 12/17, 4-5:30pm: Pep Band rehearsal and Recording
  • Friday, 12/18, 3-4pm: RSVP sectionals and practice – Sign up here

Marching Band

  • Prescott Technique videos for week 2 (originally due 12/13) have been pushed back to 12/18. Please prioritize your “You’ll Be Back” recordings for this week!
  • Access our yearly Band Dues letter here
  • Monday: Warm-up, Syncopated Rhythm worksheet, “You’ll Be Back” – sections, work on recordings
  • Wednesday: Warm-up, Rhythm & Scales, “You’ll Be Back” – focus on recordings
  • Friday: warm-up, “You’ll be Back” – Finish up recordings

Cadet Band

  • Monday: Warm-up, scales, You’ll Be Back rehearsal 
  • Wednesday: Warm-up, You’ll Be Back recordings DUE 
  • Friday: Warm-up, sight reading activity

Cadet Band Recordings

  • Wednesday: 3:00 PM – Brass Concert Recording – SME Auditorium (Attire: Concert Black or Holiday gear) 
  • Thursday 3:00 PM – Woodwind Concert Recording – SME Auditorium (Attire: Concert Black or Holiday gear)

Jazz Bands

  • Virtual ensemble recording projects are ongoing. Recordings due 12/14
  • Blue Knights (6th hour): Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Blue Notes (7th hour): Blame it on the Blues — track due 12/14. Solos due 12/17
  • Jazz Transcription videos are due 12/18

Music Theory

Summative assessment preparation. Identifying, writing, ear training

  • Tuesday: Music History from a multicultural perspective, reflection
  • Thursday: Ear Training & Harmonic Analysis in context
  • Friday: Chord progressions & harmonic analysis