Week At-A-Glance: November 16-20 2020

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A note for “Remote Only” students: While you are at home we expect you to practice the music and exercises uploaded to Canvas in your respective classes. Please log on during your scheduled class periods and complete all work as assigned. We are working hard to make this a more streamlined, equitable experience for everyone involved. Thanks for your patience and communication!

Although many of our activities this year have been curtailed, we are still incurring expenses. We are spending extra money on music, virtual clinicians, online judges, audio/video streaming equipment, and more. Please Access our yearly Band Dues letter here and contribute if you can. We would very much appreciate it!!

Symphonic & Concert Band Auditions are due this week! This is for all students enrolling in Symphonic or Concert Band next semester. In Canvas, under “Assignments”, please access the “Symphonic Band Audition & Playing Test” and submit by 11-18. Instructions on how to upload your video are here.

Marching Band

Cadet/Freshmen Band:

  • Monday/Wednesday: warm-ups, scale review, minor scale work, rehearse small ensemble music/you’ll be back
  • At home day: practice auditions music (due 11/18), minor scale work/quiz
  • Friday: check point video for small ensemble piece

Jazz Bands

  • Blue Notes (7th hr): Dominant 7th arpeggios, scale patterns in F/Bb/Eb/Ab. “Blame It On The Blues”, sight read
  • Blue Knights (6th hr): Dominant 7th arpeggios, minor 7th arpeggios, scale patterns in F/Bb/Eb/Ab/Db/Gb. “Charlie Brown Christmas”, “One For Daddy-O”, “Chili Pepper Christmas”

Music Theory

Continue work with WS 27 and WS 32 — Triad inversions, 7th chord construction & 7th chord arpeggios.