Week of: April 6-9

All students should be enrolled in the following google classrooms. Parents are welcome to join; sign in with your google account at classroom.google.com

  • Concert/Symphonic Band — h4wiaxw
  • Jazz Bands — rml5k4e
  • Music Theory — odglyb6

Online learning opportunities for this week

  • Check video announcements with instructors from the directors tomorrow.
  • Practice assignments — fundamentals, lip slurs, scales, etudes & play-alongs will be posted

Senior Recognition Slideshow & Memories

  • Student leaders and the band boosters are putting together slideshows, memories/tributes/memes/etc from the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Please contribute your memories from marching & jazz festivals, rehearsals, pep band, anything that you’d like to contribute! Students please contact Shelby, Josephine, Mackenzie or Mac.
  • Parents: If you have photos, videos, memories or other media you’d like to share, please send to Kate Wagner – katytrain@hotmail.com or a director.

Symphonic, Concert & Jazz Band Auditions

  • Due April 12th. See details in classrooms.

Band Leadership Applications

  • Students interested in Drum Major & Section Leader opportunities should fill out the application (will be posted in classroom this week). Applications will be due by April 10

Office Hours

Ms. Babcock and I will have dedicated “office hours” in which we will be available for phone calls, conferences, and opportunities to quickly respond to emails. We will also be available from 7:20-3:20 per usual (and of course band director hours vary greatly), but those hours will be dedicated to curriculum and planning.

  • Ms. Babcock: 9-10am, M-F
  • Mr. Toepfer: 9-10am, 1-2pm M-F