Band Senior Photo Access

Access your senior photographs:

To download on a PC:

Click on any picture in the gallery to view individually, then hover over the upper left corner for a drop down menu.  Select “download” then select “all available originals.” It will have you follow some prompts to send the files to you.  Since your file sizes are fairly large and there are so many of them, it will likely send them to you in a zipped file.  These full size files will be the ones you’ll want to use for printing.  Please let me know if you need any help printing or would like lab recommendations!

If you want to download specific pictures only, you can either download them one at a time or click the heart button in the upper right corner and it will start a “favorites” list for you.  Then you’ll be able to download just those in your “favorites” folder.  There’s also a “select photos” option near the top of the page when the gallery opens.  Lots of options!

To download on a phone for social media sharing:

Click on any picture in the gallery and then click the download button in the lower right corner.  Click the “view” button and it will open the picture in a separate window.  Click the share button (rectangle with arrow pointing up) at the bottom and then scroll to find your “save image” option.  It should appear in your camera roll after that.