December 19-20 2022

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SME Finals Schedule

Basketball Concessions – Parent and Student Volunteers Needed

  • The SME Band Boosters run all concessions for the SME basketball games and wrestling matches. It is a very nice fundraiser for us, but it takes a LOT of volunteer help. It’s an easy and fun way to support the band!
  • Sign up for shifts here
  • Students – earn credit toward your varsity/academic Band Letter (award at end of year)

Pep Band Tuesday – ALUMNI BAND

Marching Band 2023: Save the Dates!!

  • July 24-28: Percussion (full day) and ALL marching band members (half days)
  • July 31-August 4: ALL marching band members & Lancer Dancers (full days)
  • August 3: Marching Band Showcase

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