Week of: October 5-8

Parents: Band Booster Meeting Tuesday, 10-6, 6:30pm via Zoom. All are welcome! Meeting details are below:

Marching Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Goals for remote learning this week: Eleanor Rigby (all please download your parts in Canvas), new Pep Band music (quickstand pack, All-Star), KMEA All-District/All-State Honor Band audition materials & sign-up.
  • In-person rehearsal Tuesday, 10-6, 6-8pm @ SME, Drumline & Percussion Only. Mr. Jones will be here for a percussion sectional. We will rehearse in the courtyard outside the band room and/or indoors with proper distancing, so please do not go to the football field. Report to the band room by 5:45pm.
  • In-person rehearsal Thursday, 10-8, 6-7:30pm. Full Band. Report to football field unless an instrument or music part is needed.
  • Next Football Game: Thursday, 10-15 @ SM North
  • Students and parents may transport themselves or others to SMSD events provided they fill out the district Transportation Permission form, which is posted here. Please return this form by ASAP if you have not already. Electronic submissions (PDF/PNG) are encouraged.
  • Please review SMSD/KSHSAA “best practices for COVID-19 mitigation”, which are outlined HERE and HERE.
  • All students must submit the SME Band COVID-19 Self Assessment prior to each rehearsal. Students can scan a QR Code before entering a facility or bus, or may fill out the form ahead of time by following this link

Cadet/Freshman Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Continue working through small ensemble pieces (download music in Canvas)
  • Scale pass offs – F, Bb, Eb, Ab
  • Pitch tendency charts
  • Introduce Prescott technique system

Music Theory/IB Music Week-At-A-Glance

  • Ear Training – diatonic & chromatic intervals, triad chord qualities (Major/minor/Augmented/diminished)
  • Worksheet 25: Triad Identification 1
  • Diatonic triad construction
  • IB Music: Guidelines, requirements, performance considerations. Read “IB Music Guide” and compare with new COVID protocol alterations

Jazz Band Week-At-A-Glance

  • Recordings due this week:
  • Scale Pattern 1 (ascending & descending), F/Bb/Eb/Ab
  • “Work Song” with backing track (horn players & guitar/piano/bass)
  • “Unit 7” with backing track (horn players & guitar/piano/bass)
  • “ii-V7-I lick” (option 1) with backing track (Blue Knights horn players and piano/guitar only)
  • “Basie Straight Ahead” with backing track (drums)
  • Practice: Scale pattern 1 (ascending & descending), Db/Gb/C.