Marcher of the Week – Oct 21

Student: Chris Alka

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: My name is Chris, I’ve been playing trumpet for 6 years, and I am one of the greatest twins on the Earth, obviously.

Q: What’s a strange hobby you have?
A: I love collecting sweatshirts.

Q: What’s a surprising fact about you?
A: I really love playing tennis.

Q: Why did you decide to play the trumpet?
A: I moved from Raytown, Missouri when I was in 5th grade, so I wanted to find something new. Trumpet was just something I heard on the radio all the time and here I am today.

Q: What’s the hardest part of marching, in your opinion?
A: Waking up. One of the biggest battles is not the cold, not the turf that finds a million places to go, but the fact that my alarm clock has five different alarms.

Q: Which show do you prefer: "KC Jazz" or "Irish Rhapsody"? Why?
A: I’m definitely a KC Jazz show kind of guy. There was something about that show that just made me smile every time we got to preform. Freshmen Chris was full of energy and could beat his alarm.

Q: What’s a favorite band memory?
A: On the last day of marching camp my freshmen year, running to that fire truck, dragging Jack all the way is something I will never forget.

Q: Name your top five favorite musical artists of all time.
A: Alex Turner, Robin Skinner, Dan Reynolds, Freddie Mercury, and Tyler Joseph.

Q: What’s the best sont that’s ever been written?
A: "Telescope" by Cavetown, hands down.

Q: What makes band special to you?
A: The fact that I can say I have the coolest 2nd family ever. I couldn’t ask for a band of better people. I wouldn’t want to spend my weekends or mornings any other way. If I can make someone’s day, then my day is made. I just love being me in a place with the people I love. And, you know, Costco pizza never tasted better than day 1 of marching camp.