SME Band 9th Grade Enrollment Guide

The SME Band provides a variety of opportunities for student musicians to perform in an engaging, challenging and fun atmosphere. Here is a brief course guide:

Please note: All music classes are year-long enrollment, unless unavoidable conflicts occur. Always consult a director or band booster when conflicts appear. There is almost always a solution!

Fall Semester

Enroll in “Freshmen Band” (2nd hour) as your main request. List “Marching Band” (1st hour) as a tryout course if desired. Students may also enroll in “Jazz 1” (7th hour) as a main request, but must be director-approved, AND must be enrolled in Freshmen Band/Concert Band concurrently. See details below:

Course Details:

  • All 9th grade and transfer students should enroll in “Freshmen Band”, also known as “Cadet Band”, first. This group is a non-marching, indoor concert band comprised mostly of (but not limited to) freshmen. Cadet Band rehearses primarily indoors, but may voluntarily participate in parades, football games, and basketball games. The group will perform concerts in October and December in addition to the extracurricular commitments listed above.
  • Students wishing to participate in Marching Band should list it as a “tryout course” when they enroll. Marching Band auditions will be held in late March/early April. The Marching Band performs at all home football games, local parades, and competes in state/regional Marching Band Competitions in the fall. Students in Marching Band must attend marching camp in late July/early August, as well as 7am rehearsals and Tuesday/Thursday evening sectionals and stadium rehearsals from August-October.
  • Jazz Band is an additional opportunity for students to perform a wider variety of challenging music. Students may enroll in “Jazz 1” as a main course request, with director approval, and must be taken in addition to Cadet Band/Concert Band (i.e. Jazz band cannot be taken as a substitute for concert band).

Spring Semester

Enroll in “Concert Band” (2nd hour), and continue with “Jazz 1” (7th hour) if participated in the fall.

Course Details:

The Concert Band is the core of any successful band program. Students will develop and maintain fundamental musicianship skills, ensemble rehearsal etiquette, practice habits, and perform a varied repertoire of concert band music.


Students will audition for Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band placement in late March/early April. It is possible for freshmen to be selected for upper-level ensembles such as Symphonic Band (spring 1st hour), and Jazz 2 (6th hour), but all students should enroll in the introductory classes unless notified otherwise.

Audition materials for 2020 will be posted in Google Classroom by February 14th.

Important Dates

  • Marching Band Percussion Camp — July 20-24, 2020, 8am-12pm
  • All Freshmen Camp (Cadet AND Marching) — July 23-24, 8am-12pm
  • Marching Band Camp — July 27-31, 8am-11:30, 1pm-4pm

Upcoming Band Trips

  • Spring Break 2021 — Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure & Volcano Bay, NASA/JPL, Studio Soundstage “Art of Foley” Experience
  • New Years 2022-2023 — London, England

Why Band?

Strong links between musical participation & academic performance:
“Students who learned to play a musical instrument in elementary and continued playing in high school not only score significantly higher but were about one academic year ahead of their non-music peers with regard to their English, mathematics and science skills,”

21st Century Skills through artistic and cooperative performance

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication
  5. Information literacy
  6. Media literacy
  7. Technology literacy
  8. Flexibility
  9. Leadership
  10. Initiative
  11. Productivity
  12. Social skills

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Emily Babcock — Assistant Director of Bands,
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